Almost 60 years of experience in the development and production of hair care appliances is the solid basis for the success of VALERA, Swiss Hair Specialists.

Valera or Vallera is the local name for the valley in which our headquarters are located. There is a small brook that flows through this valley (valle in Italian), called Laveggio. Herons on the banks of this small brook, horses in the meadow next to the factory, pastures nearby with cows and sheep grazing … this is the Swiss canton of Ticino in Switzerland, where Ligo Electric has been based since 1978 and has been producing haircare appliances under the brand VALERA since 1990. After a few years, something that started out with baby steps became so successful that the factory building was doubled in 2008 to a surface area of 4000 m2. Maybe it is no coincidence that the name Valera means “healthy, strong, brave and courageous” from its Latin origin.