About Us

As Greater China has grown,
so has New Frontier.

Since 1991, we have been helping some of the world’s most coveted lifestyle brands develop their business in Hong Kong and Mainland China.

Through deep local understanding, extensive market expertise, and a focus on growth and efficiency, we ensure that cultural barriers are removed and marketing and distribution solution successfully implemented.

But most importantly, we are committed to representing the spirit of the brands in a way that is relevant to local sensitivities.

Our specialty is in outdoor gear and home electrical appliances, currently representing the following brands:

  • Leatherman              (USA-made multi-purpose tools)
  • Ledlenser                   (Professional LED lighting devices in German technology)
  • Thermacell                (USA’s professional mosquito repellent)
  • Sinano                         (Japan’s professional trekking Poles)
  • Kainos                         (Japan-made high-quality Walking canes)
  • Opinel                          (French wooden-handled knives)
  • Peacock                     (Platinum catalyst pocket hand warmer)
  • N-rit                              (Korea-made high-quality products for water sports and outdoor activities)
  • Nalgene                      (USA leading high quality water bottles and containers)
  • Boneco                       (Swiss air treatment system)
  • Imetec                         (Italian leading brand for hair beauty products)
  • Valera                          (Top Swiss brand for hair care appliances)
  • Bellissima                  (Italian-made premier hair and beauty salons product)
  • Russell Hobbs         (Traditional UK brand for home and kitchen appliances)
  • Remington                 (Worldwide personal & hair care product brand in USA)