Nalgene is a brand of plastic products developed originally for laboratory use, including such items as jars, bottles, test tubes, graduated cylinders and Petri dishes, that were shatterproof and lighter than glass. The properties of plastic products make them suitable for work with many substances in various temperature ranges.

Nalge Nunc International (NNI), founded in 1949, it was

• Developed the first plastic pipette holder and later focused on state-of-the-art lab equipment (centrifuge bottles, filter units, storage tanks)
• Outdoor Products division spawned in the 1970s as scientists and engineers began using laboratory bottles on camping trips and outdoor adventures
• Boy Scouts began using laboratory bottles on camping trips as water bottles and for storing powdered drinks and pancake mix, as well as carrying matches, shampoo, snacks and other camping supplies

After 40 years of consistently delivering ruggedly durable, taste-and odor-resistant bottles, Nalgene has established iconic standing among brands, the trust of wholesalers and retailers and a “cult-like” following from consumers worldwide.

• Credible: You can’t fake our heritage
• Differentiation: Not your typical consumer products company
• Quality: Consumer trust built on a durable & leak proof promise